Upstate NY Retreat


The Hudson River Valley in Upstate New York is stunning.  Rolling hills, old farms, beautiful old architecture, mountain vistas and very few people.  It's amazing to find such an abundance of open sky and rural unadulterated landscape within a couple hours drive of New York City.  I stayed at a friend's 17th century farm house and we got a chance to do a bit of a walkabout and exploration between intermittent rain clouds. AWL-2357.jpgAWL-2226.jpgAWL-2232.jpgAWL-2244.jpgAWL-2248.jpgAWL-2262.jpgAWL-2273.jpgAWL-2278.jpgAWL-2286.jpgAWL-2333.jpgAWL-2341.jpg