Tracy Morgan


CF001185-EditI recently did a shoot for a major Cable Television network and was thrilled to find out that the talent was Tracy Morgan. I've been a fan of Tracy Morgan since his SNL days and couldn't believe I was spending the day shooting at his home! The schedule was pretty tight, however after lunch, I managed to get a few portraits of Tracy. I asked. We'd been on set for a few hours working together so there was a level of trust built. I grabbed my Hasselblad / Phase One which was a bit of a risk considering it was going to be a handheld, natural light portrait that I would maybe have 5 minutes to do if I was lucky. I knew I wanted to shoot with my best camera, however that meant I would be seriously limited with focusing options and ISO options, stuff we take for granted with a DSLR. We went into his back yard and I grabbed a couple close portraits.

After maybe 2 minutes of shooting, he suggested we move over to his patio and I grabbed what is now my website's cover shot. Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at Oct 28 | 4.54.08 PM

As much as I dig the portrait, the shot on my website has become one of my favorite portraits. Cool, casual and oozing personality. Tracy Morgan. I'm grateful Tracy gave me a few minutes one-on-one and am glad I decided to ask.