I was tasked with shooting portraits for PVH Corps' annual report.  PVH aka Phillips Van Heusen, owns several clothing brands including IZOD, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, Arrow, Calvin Klein and more.  Shooting corporate portraits can be creative and fun and working within a company's environment can be challenging.

We had only a day to produce four portraits with four subjects.  Sounds easy?  Not at all!  We were moving locations for each shoot, being sure to tie in the environmental aspects of the shoot for context.  


I also had to keep in mind from a design standpoint that my subjects had to be positioned on the right side of the frame to allow for their designers to overlay text.  And keep all of these shots consistently shot with lighting and framing.


I really like how the designers created the layouts.  The imagery looks clean, consistent and the text works well.  

charity auction - offering a print on flickr for Japan

Not So Calm Before The Storm © 2010 Adam Lerner -

I'm auctioning this print to help the people of Japan following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

I would like you to start the bidding at $50 USD

If you would rather have another shot from my photostream just copy and paste the image into the comments and make your bid!!... The person with the overall highest bid wins...

Size and Print. 12"x18" print on Fuji Crystal Archival Paper. if you'd prefer different print or size options let me know and I will try to accommodate.

Please leave a comment with your offer.

Alternatively you could Favorite the shot in the hope that it may appear in 'Explore' (not much chance) and help publicize the Charity Print auction Group....

The highest bidder at the time the auction ends will donate that amount direct to a trusted charity helping with the relief effort in Japan, such as:

US Red Cross Donate

British Red Cross: Donate

Japanese Red Cross: Donate

Save the Children: Donate

World Vision: Donate

Oxfam: Donate

WANT TO BID - BUT YOU DON'T HAVE A FLICKR ACCOUNT? Please just email me with a bid and I will place the bid in the comments on your behalf:

The bidding will end on 7th April 2011 at 8:00pm US Eastern time. At this time, the person who wrote/commented or emailed the highest amount will have to give this amount to a legitimate charity involved in the effort for aid for the people of Japan. On proof of donation (please take a screen grab of your donation confirmation page!), I will arrange for the print to be made and shipped to you.

I will pay for the print to be produced and pay for shipping, so all of your donation goes straight to the cause

For more information on this: CPA - CHARITY PRINT AUCTIONS - JAPAN