STB Live


My good friend, Tad Low, runs, Spin The Bottle, a creative collective and television production company.  Tad was the creative mastermind behind VH-1's Pop-Up Video and continues to be a creative visionary.  This summer he kicked off STB Live - a party event that involves creative folks from a variety of industries, featuring great music and always webcast live on the internets.  My friend's Bucky Hayes and the Radio performed along with Misty Boyce followed by a raucous late-nite set by The Stumblebum Brass Band. AWL-0104.jpgAWL-9990.jpgAWL-9957.jpgAWL-9955.jpgAWL-0444.jpgAWL-0408.jpgAWL-0322.jpgAWL-0162.jpgAWL-0085.jpgAWL-0175.jpgAWL-0445.jpgAWL-9890.jpgAWL-0124.jpgAWL-0290.jpgAWL-0073.jpg