Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach


I had a rare insider’s view of the surfing culture that has been not-so-secretly thriving at Rockaway Beach for well over a decade. My good buddy Chad has been frequenting the Rockaway surf break for years and is part of a collective surf house across the street from the beach. It’s exactly what you’d expect – an unassuming bungalow with a dilapidated front porch and unkempt garden. However once the door swings open, you’re greeted by racks of surfboards, skateboards, beach cruisers and wetsuits – just the essentials. Other folks from the house casually came and went, talking about the waves and discussing which break was more happening. One of them remarked that the water was so warm, most folks were “trunking it” (i.e. just trunks, no wetsuit). Chad grabbed his board – a retro looking number that had a paint job resembling a 1960’s muscle car – and I tagged along taking photos, trying to keep up with his fast dash to get into the water.