New Fulton Fish Market, 2:30am


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My buddy has a crab-boil every summer. And he won't just go to the supermarket for seafood, instead he insists on going to the New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx. This market is the central depot for fresh fish for the entirety of New York City's restaurant business. Apparently, anybody can go there to purchase seafood and we were no exception.



After sleepily navigating thru the inner streets of the Bronx, we finally made our way to the vast industrial complex, paid the nominal parking fee and parked the car. As soon as we got out of the car, the smell hit us. Wow, that smell. It's pungent, and undeniably fishy. For anyone who isn't a fan of seafood, or fishing or the ocean for that matter, you may want to avoid this place. We make our way into the enormous building and got hit with the sting of the chill. The entire facility is cooled and again, advisable to wear a sweatshirt before embarking on a trip inside.



There are boxes and boxes of seafood on palettes and forklifts whizzing up and down the center lane at breakneck speeds. The floor is slippery. It reeks of seafood. It's chilly. It's late. But it's awesome! We made our way around the place to M. Slavin and Sons. My buddy's been going there for years, so it's something of a tradition. Mr. Slavin, who is likely in his mid-seventies and was been born into this, gets right on our order and makes things happen. He even pauses a quick second for a portrait.



I saw this trip as a photographic opportunity. Knowing that I'd stand out like a sore thumb at this place, I decided to travel light and just brought my Fuji X100s. That's all I needed. We weren't there long, but I feel I got a nice variety of shots that tell the story of that place and our experience. Whenever you're asked to join someone for a trip like this, pack a camera. You'll be happy you did. I enjoy photojournalism and beside the one portrait I snapped, I enjoyed shooting the environment and details. All of which tells the story.