Mood Rings


Last year, I spent a couple hours photographing the emerging Atlanta band, Mood Rings. Their record label sent them up to Brooklyn for a recording project and my buddy set up a photo shoot. A0004896

I brought the Hasselblad and a couple bare speedlites on stands and took them to one of my favorite locations in Greenpoint. We tried a bunch of different spot and scenarios - all of which the guys were up for. I wouldn't call the Mood Rings the most dynamic band I've ever shot. In fact, it would seem they make a practice of emphasizing the blasé and melancholy.


Now that's in no way a dis, but shooting a group of guys that you have little personal connection with and who are pretty much unfazed by anything you say to them is not without it's challenges. I don't know if the band ever used these images, but I had fun making these images and think they're pretty cool.