Love and Quiches

Adam Lerner

I was recently contacted by Global Trade Magazine to shoot a feature with Andy Axelrod, the President of Love and Quiches, a family owned and operated desert food manufacturer located on the North shore of Long Island.  I headed over there with my Phase One and Fujis to do portraits with Andy, as well as some environmental shots. I figured I'd shoot the portraits with the Phase One and the environmentals with the Fujis and that worked out very well. I only had about an hour with the Andy and the facility was quite vast, so I first did a walk thru to look for good shooting locations I liked and that the company's PR rep felt represented them well. Between the vacuous sub-zero freezers and busy production lines, I decided I wanted to get Andy right in the thick of the action, along side the workers on the production line. Andy is a very affable guy and knew practically everyone in the plant by name. I set up one flash as close as I could, however I had to keep a path clear for workers to come thru with racks. I also had to wear a long lab-coat, booties, and hair net to comply with their cleanliness standards and I can say that long lab coat was very warm.


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As you can see Andy was also wearing the hygienic garb and I felt it really tied him into the operation. We shot a bunch more in other locations, but the assembly line really had the greatest impact. The art director agreed and ran the lead feature with this image. Overall, I had a blast doing this shoot and it was very interesting getting inside the workings of this operation.


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I shot a bunch of environmental and detail shots in their various warehouse which they used on the second spread of the article. Those were shot with the Fuji X100s and Fuji X-Pro 1. I like using those cameras for editorial shooting because they're very versatile and lightweight. That was a huge bonus when walking around this massive facility.