Grahame Fowler / Shop


I met Grahame Fowler thru our mutual adoration of vintage 1960's Lambretta motor scooters.  I had gone on some local group rides with Grahame and always noticed his exceptionally rare bikes and his personal style.  I got to know more about him and offered to do a day-in-the life series of environmental portraits.  He obliged, and thru that we've not only been working together with my helping to promote his brand, we've gotten to be good friends.  These photos were from our first shoot together at his Greenwich Village shop.  The shop is a modest space, packed with luxurious, military-inspired menswear.  Most of which was designed by Grahame, and manufactured here in New York City. AWL-8258.jpgAWL-8213.jpgAWL-8241.jpgAWL-8235.jpgAWL-8199.jpgAWL-8246.jpgAWL-8272.jpgAWL-8313.jpgAWL-8392.jpgAWL-8337.jpgAWL-8344.jpg