Derek Poundstone


I'm not much of a sports or gambling enthusiast, but I had the unique opportunity to shoot a Strongman competition at Mohegan Sun.  Derek Poundstone was the reigning champion and it's no wonder he's earned that title.  Words don't do justice to the kind of athleticism these competitors embrace.  Derek's also got a very compelling personal story - came from the other side of the tracks, broken home, raised by his mom, fought adversity and turned to fitness as his vice.  Beside being the World's Strongest Man, Derek's also a Police officer and hometown hero. AWL-9707.jpgAWL-0047.jpgAWL-0029.jpgAWL-0055.jpgAWL-0058.jpgAWL-0090.jpgAWL-0098.jpgAWL-0441.jpgAWL-0932.jpgAWL-9733.jpgAWL-9813.jpgAWL-9835.jpg