Dad's motorcycles


I'm a huge motorcycle enthusiast and started riding motorcycles as a teenager when my dad got me put me on a bike, pointed to the clutch and brake and there I went.  He got into motorcycles while in the army when he bought an army surplus Harley Davidson. Over the years, he had a bunch of bikes, but his real passion was with BMWs. The best was perhaps his 1974 R90s. Smoke paint, drop bars and bullet faring. The R90s came that way from the factory and was really one of the first super bikes. 100 mph on that bike felt pretty comfortable!


I inherited a couple of my dad's bikes. His pride and joy was the 1967 BMW R69s. This was BMW's super bike at the time featuring a 42-horsepower, 600cc high-compression motor which put out nice power for the time.  His has period Heinkes racing pipes, Hella bar-end turn signals and sport tank. It's in spectaclar original condition and I can tell you, it rides and sounds amazing. For a 45-year-old bike, it's very sophisticated in an understated sort of way. Great cruising bike.


Then there's the polar opposite - a 2007 Ducati GT1000 SportClassic. This was Ducati's attempt to bring back the styling of their naked 70's bikes. At first these bikes were not well-received, but over the years, they developed a big following - from their striking good looks to the exceptional 1000cc v-twin motor and cat-like handling. The GT1000 is a beast. Scary fast and brutal exhaust note! Being the custodian of these bikes is a huge honor.

Both bikes were photographed with a Phase One and natural light from the skylight in my Brooklyn garage.

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Motorcycle builders looking to do a photo story, please get in touch.  Also, if you inherited motorcycles or cars or vehicles and have a cool story and great machines for a photo story, please get in touch.

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