Coney Island - Sandy Aftermath

Adam Lerner

Took a ride down to Coney Island today to drop off some much needed food and supplies. Afterward, we went up on the boardwalk to check things out. The section we walked was in decent shape, apart from a few missing planks here and there. The Steeplechase Pier is completely f-ed and looks like some major rebuilding will be in order. TONS of sand, literally, has washed from the beach on the adjacent roads and there are crews in the process of removing and returning it to the beach, but the real devastation is for the homes and businesses destroyed by the storm. They are short of resources there from basic supplies to heat and electricity. Here's a few images I shot with my Fuji X100. It was a freezing rain at the time of these images and by the time we left the snow was coming down pretty thick. Hard to imagine we are getting hit by a nor'easter considering how much recovery is needed and today's storm is only going to complicate and prolong the process.