BMW Motorcycle Magazine


My good buddy, Tim Harney, builds beautiful custom motorcycles in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Tim is a bit of a mad scientist, in that he doesn't follow conventional methods with his builds.  He's a custom fabricator and motorcycle tuner and builds bikes of many different varieties, but until now, hadn't dabble with vintage BMW's.  Vintage BMW's are my thing.  I grew up riding them with my Dad and have a few of them myself which I ride with a bunch of buddies who are also vintage BMW enthusiasts.  

Tim build this beautiful BMW R75/6 as a scramble cafe style.  He shed a ton of weight off the bike, added modern forks and front brakes, built a custom 2 to 1 exhaust, tuned it up with some sweet Mikuni carbs and threw on a pair of fat knobby tires.  The bike is a beast.  Loud, fast and torquey, a perfect urban-assault vehicle for tearing up the streets of NYC.  

The Editor of BMW Motorcycle Magazine contacted Tim and asked that they feature his bike.  Tim and I headed over to the Brooklyn Waterfront and despite some rain showers, did a sweet pictorial with his custom Bavarian beauty.