Backstage - MB New York Fashion Week Fall 2011


Shooting runway is quite a thrill - trying to eek out a tiny sliver of space in the photo pit, crouching for an hour surrounded by antsy photographers and the payoff being the 10-minute runway show. However, the real excitement happens backstage before the show. Models, hair, makeup, techs, photographers, reporters, writers, hangers-on, caterers, interns, designers moving about frantically to get everything sorted in a short time and confined space. The "moments" that occur backstage are more of a glimpse into the humanity of it all. Here's a few selects from the recent Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 shows in New York City. AWL_0234.jpgAWL_5894-2.jpgAWL_8384.jpgAWL_7196.jpgAWL_1272.jpgAWL_1337.jpgAWL_2208.jpgAWL_0195.jpgAWL_9697.jpgAWL_9915.jpgAWL_8977.jpgAWL_8410.jpgAWL_5894-2.jpgAWL_9633.jpgAWL_9079.jpgAWL_2208.jpgAWL_5924-2.jpg