Backstage Beauty


Last Fall, I was invited to shoot backstage and runway for Cutler Salon to document New York Fashion Week.  Describing the atmosphere backstage as chaotic would be an understatement - models, stylists, hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, designers, assistants, security, journalists and bloggers all crammed into a finite space.   Everyone's working at an frenzied pace, however, the boredom and tedium of the process for the models is palpable.  The girls have so much down time and are handled by so many people, yet do what they can to pass the time.  Overheard are heated cell phone discussions in thick Russian accents, texting, reading, eating - just passing the time.  I found the scene backstage to be fascinating, surreal and very exciting. AWL-1448.jpgAWL-1434.jpgAWL-1425.jpgAWL-1582.jpgAWL-1710.jpgAWL-1834.jpgAWL-2441.jpgAWL-6254.jpgAWL-2913.jpgAWL-2892.jpgAWL-2906.jpgAWL-1777.jpgAWL-1756.jpgAWL-1670.jpgAWL-3280.jpgAWL-2906.jpgAWL-1596.jpgAWL-5567.jpgAWL-5776.jpg